Over two in five (22%) respondents to a PC Advisor online poll revealed that they have been subject to email or social media hacking in the past. The victims also revealed that after their accounts were hacked they were then used for phising. Our results sit neatly with the shocking statistic that credit card provider Capital One released this week, claiming one social media account is hacked into every 1.9 seconds. Read full story here

While 54% of voters revealed that they have "never had anything hacked" an alarmingly large one in ten (10%) of poll participants admitted that their bank accounts had been hacked in the past. Interestingly this number is similar to the 7% of Brits that have been victims of ID fraud according to research carried out by shredding manufacturers Fellowes.

Andrea Davis from Fellowes, said: "No-one can afford to be complacent about ID fraud, everyone is at risk, whether young or old. It is important to ensure that you are not delivering your information straight into the hands of fraudsters. The risk is very real – both off and online- and we should all be taking steps to protect our identities". Read more about the report here.

The remaining 14% of respondents are unsure about whether they have been hacked or not. If you are unsure about about whether you have been hacked or not, we suggest you change all your passwords and visit our Security Advisor page for more information.

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