The US Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has announced that it received more than $1 million for software piracy settlements in December.

SIIA, a trade group representing software vendors and digital information providers, reached settlements in 11 cases last month, the group said. The $1 million in settlements represents one of the five highest monthly totals for the trade group.

The number of settlements in December show there are many companies that don't have "adequate software compliance practices" in place, said Keith Kupferschmid, SIIA's vice president of intellectual property policy and enforcement. While the settlements seem "somewhat large”, the 11 companies may have been hit with larger costs if they did not cooperate with SIIA's investigations, he said.

Among the companies settling with SIIA in December are Petroleum Heat &, which settled for $217,570 after using unlicensed Microsoft software; Preventative Maintenance Company, which settled for $156,137.70, based on the unlicensed software on its systems from Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and Nero AG; and Ciberlynx, which paid damages of $130,000 based on its possession of multiple unlicensed software titles published by Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec.

SIIA will use the settlements to fund further antipiracy education efforts and enforcement work, it said.