UK office workers are printing 73 percent less emails than a year ago, says Lexmark.

A survey of 200 business users by the printer manufacturer revealed 53 percent have also admitted to cutting back on the amount of  "general" printing they do in the work environment, proving they are more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, 41 percent claimed to be more restrained when it came to printing financial records.

However, 23 percent of those that print emails regularly admitted the last page in a batch of documents printed usually contains the phrase 'please think twice about printing this message'. Meanwhile, nearly two thirds (63 percent) said they forget to use the duplex printing function that ensures both sides of paper can be printed on.

Only 43 percent of those surveyed believe in the 'paperless' office ideal, but think its unlikely to happen, while a third believe modern operations will prevent the idea being implemented.

Seven in ten firms recycle paper once its been used and forty percent believe that if they manage their print needs better they'll be able to save between five and 20 percent on costs this year.

"Over the past five years, there has been a real global drive for workers, manufacturers and suppliers to act more responsibly to help save the environment and ensure that it is sustainable for the generations to come, " said Gary Bourland, country general manager for Lexmark UK & Ireland.

"It is heartening to see from this poll that over the past year people have been more environmentally conscious and are now printing less in their everyday tasks."