Adobe today announced Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 for Windows. The applications are available separately or in a bundle to enable users to edit their photos and create video projects.

The latest version of Photoshop Elements includes new technology in Photomerge Group Shot which enables users to combine the best facial expressions and body language from a selection of group photographs into one shot. Enhanced compositing has also been added to Photomerge Panorama and new Photomerge Faces lets users experiment by combining different facial features.

Those who find selecting areas of a photograph frustrating may find new technology integrated into the Quick Selection Tool useful – it lets you use sliders to adjust your selection precisely. The application now targets different types of users with three edit modes, each aimed at a different level of experience. The new Guided Edit mode, for example, leads complete novices through the process of image editing step-by-step.

The streamlined redesign of the interface and new tabs make finding your way around the program an easy task. The process of converting colour images to black and white has now also been enhanced with an improved conversion tool. Another exciting new feature, Smart Albums, makes it possible to view all images from a particular grouping, such as those taken with a specific camera or with a certain star rating. Users will also benefit from a dedicated Project Bin and new themes and artwork to add to their projects.

Meanwhile, Premiere Elements 4, which now features closer integration with Photoshop Elements, includes an Organiser to sort your clips. This means you can see all of your images and video in one place and tag them quickly. The interface has also been given a makeover and one-click movie themes with transitions, effects and menus are now part of the package. Working in a similar way to a recording studio, the new Audio Mixer gives users more control over the background music and sound effects in their project and is also capable of syncing the start of each scene with the beats of a soundtrack.

The Sharing Centre is another addition to the new Premiere Elements. It allows users to share videos in a variety of ways such as via Blu-ray disc and mobile devices. No special encoding is needed to export videos in a Flash-based format to sites such as MySpace and YouTube.

Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 for Windows are available for £69.99 each or as a bundle for £99.99. Mac versions of the software are expected in early 2008.