If, like thousands of others, you're already using Windows Vista in beta form, there's a little trick that's just perfect for us photographers.

This article appears in the February 07 issue of PC Advisor, onsale now in all good newsagents.

Microsoft has added a useful tool called Ready Boost which will enable a PC to use your USB flash drive as a disk cache which should speed up your computer quite substantially. Small, frequently used files such as digital photos are stored on the drive for quick retrieval instead of requiring Windows to go back to its disk to load them. If you need to take your card out for your camera then the computer is happy to use its own disk until you plug your drive back in, unload it and request Windows to use it again.

The only slight down side is that you will need to make sure that you have quite a nippy card reader, but with the amount of data storage we are all getting into it's probably a good idea to invest in one anyway.

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