Sony demonstrated its upcoming flagship digital-SLR camera at the Photo Imaging Expo in Tokyo today, but the company is remaining tight-lipped on details of the anticipated product.

The camera, which is due on the market this year, will sit at the top of Sony's Alpha digital-SLR range.

Single-lens reflex cameras use a mirror placed between the lens and the film or image sensor to project the image to the camera's viewfinder. The mirror moves out of the way when the picture is taken. They typically support interchangeable lenses and are faster and more capable than smaller point-and-shoot cameras.

Not much information is known about the camera beyond what Sony disclosed at the recent PMA show in the US. There Sony said the flagship model has a full-frame sensor - an image sensor the same size as a 35mm film frame - with a resolution of 24.6Mp and image stabilisation to reduce the effects of camera shake.

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No additional details were available in Tokyo, although a Sony spokeswoman said the camera would get launched later this year at a major industry event. With CES and PMA already been and gone, remaining events include IFA and Photokina in August and September respectively in Germany and Ceatec in October in Japan.

After several years of success with compact digital cameras, Sony entered the SLR market in mid-2006. Its entry and that of competitors such as Panasonic has helped to increase competition and push down prices in a market that had been the almost exclusive domain of Canon and Nikon for several years. Now digital-SLR cameras can be found for well under £500 and sales are rising fast.

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