Okay, so it's perhaps not the end of professional photography as we know it – and certainly not in our team's case – but it's a great way to make more of that digital camera routinely used for little more than snaps of the dog or your kids. And you get a shot at fame to boot.

Last Saturday, while thousands up and down the country were slogging through the scorching heat in admirable attempts to complete their Sport Relief mile and raise money for charity, I, along with a ragtag team of other journalists, was charging around the capital on a far more selfish mission. We were up against around 200 other hopefuls aiming to take the most creative and zany shots of people and places and thus get our photographic efforts into an exhibition at the GLA (Greater London Assembly).

The event, known as Shoot London, was the third of east London-based organisers Shoot Experience's attempts to make creative digital photographers of a disparate group of hopefuls. Armed with no more than a laminated sheet of clues for the energy-themed photographic treasure hunt, plus a camera borrowed from the office [thanks, Kodak], we spent six hours vainly searching for statues of Faraday, lookie-likies of Einstein and oddball ways to demonstrate what we'd be doing come the London Olympics in 2012.

While we didn't have a sniff of the spot prizes, the day showed us just how creative photographers often have to be as well as making us look at our surroundings in a whole new way. Shoot Experience will be running national and international events over the coming weeks and will be running a similar, open to all event next month in London's Clerkenwell area.

See here for details and here for more on the madcap escapades of myself and fellow teammate Kate Burt on the day.