Last year's Samsung MV800 was a unique compact camera, thanks to a LCD viewfinder attached to a top-mounted hinge that flipped up a full 180 degrees to assist with self portraits. Today, Samsung announced its successor, the MV900, which is a bit bigger than the MV800 but offers the same kind of adjustable LCD.

The 16-megapixel MV900 has a low-light-optimized CMOS sensor, and its flip-up LCD is a sizeable 3.3-inch touchscreen. Once you flip up the screen, you'll find a secondary shutter button on the back of the camera.

Along with touch controls for adjusting in-camera settings, the MV900 also has gesture controls for using the camera when you'd normally use a self-timer mode. When you flip the screen up to face the same direction as the lens, you can move your hand in a circle motion to operate the camera's 5X-optical-zoom lens (25mm to 125mm) or move your hand up and down to start the camera's timer mode.

It's also a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, and Samsung says that the company has been working hard on improving its stable of iOS and Android apps that can be used with the camera. Those apps include Remote Viewfinder, which allows users to control the camera via a smartphone; and Mobile Link, which allows users to offload full-resolution images from the camera to a phone wirelessly. The camera is also able to share images and video with Samsung TVs and other devices via the DLNA-based AllShare feature, as well as back up content to a computer automatically.

The MV900 also has a range of interesting in-camera filters and scene modes, including a new "Motion Photo" mode that allows shooters to place a moving object in an otherwise static photo, editing and overlay features that include a "Wig Mode," and some crazy "Magic Filter" creative effects.

Due in late August, the MV900 will cost $350.