With the wealth of good-quality, free video content available on the web, the only difficulty is deciding what to watch and where. PC Advisor readers recommend the finest online clip joints for music videos, TV episodes, films, humour, gaming, nature and more.


Recommended by: paulgodd

This online TV service offers everything from Bruce Springsteen to Bruce Lee. There are music videos, television episodes (such as Derren Brown, 'Shameless' and PCA favourite 'Peep Show') and film content – often entire movies are available.

It’s ad-supported, so you’ll have to put up with occasional compulsory interjections, along with pop-ups and YouTube-esque overlay adverts. But then, that’s the price you pay for free, legal video content.


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National Geographic

Recommended by: mrwoowoo

"I'd recommend the video section on National Geographic's website," writes mrwoowoo. "The nature, science and space videos are amazingly informative, and you always seem to learn something new.

"The other video categories include kids, environment, music, specials, daily news, travel and culture. There really is something for everyone."

National Geographic Video

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