Nearly half (48.1 percent) of respondents to a PC Advisor poll have admitted they won't print, share or display this year's digital holiday photos, and that they'll "probably just sit on my laptop or memory card".

The option 'Display them on a digital photo frame', was picked by 11.6 percent; 'Share them online' was chosen by 21.3 percent.

'Print them out using an online service' picked up 8.2 percent of the vote; and 'Print them out at a print shop, chemist or similar' also had an 8.2 percent share. Voters were allowed to pick more than one of these options.

However, by far the most popular option was 'None of the above - They'll probably just sit on my laptop or memory card', with 48.1 percent.

"Don't print anything theses days.. computer screen is better than ink," commented forum member AL47.

However, another forum member disagreed. "An image on a computer screen or a digital picture frame doesn't compare to a print in my opinion," donki wrote.

The remaining 2.6 percent reported that they don't own a digital camera.

Based on 268 votes, 9th July 2010. Vote and have your say here, or join the discussion on PC Advisor's forums.

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