Nikon has updated its Coolpix range of digital still cameras with seven new models.

Chief among the new models is the 7.1Mp Coolpix S500, which boasts several points over competing compact cameras with optical image stabilisation, according to Nikon. The camera is ready to take a picture in an industry-beating 0.6 seconds from the power button being pushed, has the fastest shutter release lag time of 0.005 seconds, and the most compact body, the maker said. It measures 88mm by 51mm by 22mm.

The P-series gets a new model in the shape of the Coolpix P5000. The camera has a 10Mp image sensor and 3.5X optical zoom, both of which beat the other cameras announced today. It can simulate film speeds up to ISO3200, although at this speed it will only snap 5Mp images.

Both the S500 and P5000 will be available in Japan from 16 March for around ¥30,000 (£130) and ¥45,000 (£190) respectively. Overseas launch dates were not immediately available but are expected to come from local Nikon units this week.

The company's third and fourth new cameras are the slim 7.1Mp Coolpix S50 and S50c. The latter model differs in the inclusion of a Wireless LAN adaptor for cable-less image transfer to a PC. They will be available in Japan from April for ¥35,000 (£150) and ¥40,000 (£170) respectively.

Lastly Nikon is offering the S200, which matches the S500 on several major specifications but drops optical vibration reduction in favour of a cheaper electronic system, and the L11 and L12, both of which use disposable batteries rather than the dedicated rechargeable cells used in all the other cameras.

Also new to mark the tenth anniversary of the brand is a new logo. The restyled "Coolpix" logo will appear on the new cameras.