Engadget reported earlier today that Netflix was rumored to be changing its pricing structure, separating DVD and streaming pricing. The company has since confirmed the changes to the pricing plans, noting that existing members can keep their current plans until September but new members will see the new rates immediately.

So what's different? Well, rather than the $9.99 for combined DVD and streaming combo package that has been running up until now, the bundle will instead cost $15.98. However, those who have an aversion to either physical media or streaming video can now elect to take on a DVD- or streaming-only unlimited package for $7.99.

The price hikes are attributed to the increasing cost of acquiring the rights to distribute content.

If you're an existing subscriber, you may want to drop by Netflix.com and review your payment options in preparation for the price rise in September.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Netflix Jacking Up Prices by 50%