Kodak has announced four new picture frames that deliver a continual slideshow. Two of the models will work with your wireless network to stream photos and video from either a PC, via the online Kodak Gallery, or from a memory card via the frame's card slots.

According to company spokesperson, you'll be able to upload photos to a friend or family member's picture frame via the Kodak Gallery, without them having to launch the software. (I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust some of my friends with this kind of carte blanch with a picture frame in my house.)

The $280 EX1011 Digital Picture Frame is a 10in, 800x480 display in 16:9 aspect ratio. The frame has 128MB of memory built in, and has stereo speakers as well as a headphone jack for enjoying music along with your photo slideshow.

You can hook it up to your Wi-Fi network and stream content wirelessly, as you can with the Wi-Fi-enabled EX811, an 8in display offering the same features as the EX1011. It will cost $230.

If you don't need the wireless access, but still want a constant slideshow of your photos, there's the $180 SV811, which is identical to the EX811 minus the Wi-Fi, and the $130 SV710, a 7in display.

All models are expected to ship in March.