Swedish publisher Bonnierfrlagen has created an interactive biography app about controversial AC Milan footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the iPad to coincide with his brief return to Britain as he travels with AC Milan to face Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League on March 6.

The app was developed by Bonnier R&D, and uses the Mag+ software and plug-in for Adobe InDesign that was initially developed by them. Using layered Mag+ architecture and rich media the new app brings the reader up close and personal to Ibrahimovic's defining moments. Its launch augments publication of the bestselling autobiography I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic: My Story, released in print late last year.

In the iPad version, images and video are integrated with text to offer a new kind of reading experience. A whole new dimension is added - literally - as the original text can now be read along geographical and chronological interactive storylines."I wanted to tell everyone my story and let fans understand where I come from. The app is a great way to do this. This is how I always wanted the story to be experienced," says Ibrahimovic.

Unique features only available in the iPad biography include:

Timeline: explore the original text re-created as a chronological interactive storylineGeo stories: explore the story geographically on an interactive map or using the GPS of the iPad when travellingStop-motion storytelling: interactive frame-by-frame studies of goals and tricksTattoo stories: explore Ibrahimovic's tattoos interactivelyDialogue storytelling: The first meeting with manager Mino RaiolaMemorabilia gallery: close-up view of Ibrahimovic's boots through the yearsStatistics: career told in numbers with adjacent imagesPicture gallery: life outside of footballPersonal video introduction by IbrahimovicUnique behind-the-scenes interview with author David Lagercrantz on writing the text with Ibrahimovi?