JVC will soon add to its Everio range of hard-disk drive camcorders with a model that can record HD (high-definition) video.

The GZ-HD7 can record a widescreen image at 1,080i (1,080 horizontal lines of resolution and interlaced), which is just below the 1,080p (progressive scanning) system judged to be the highest of several video quality levels that fall within the HD bracket. It packs a 60GB hard-disk drive that holds five hours of video when captured at the highest of several recording modes. The camera records in the Mpeg2 format and capacity can be extended to around seven hours in 'SP' mode by cutting down the vertical resolution.

Features include 3 CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensors, 10x optical zoom, optical image stabilisation and USB, HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) and iLink interfaces. JVC said the USB is primarily for saving data, the HDMI for playback to an HDTV and the iLink for streaming. Conventional analogue component, S-Video and composite outputs are also installed.

The GZ-HD7 will be available in April in the US and cost around $1,800. Details of availability in other countries was not announced.

An optional DVD burner will also be available at the same time. The Share Station can be used to archive HD video as data files playable on a computer. Conventional DVD video doesn't support HD, so users won't be able to burn discs that can be played back at full quality in a DVD player. It will cost around $400.