Adobe has provided details of some of the new features it's adding to Photoshop Express that were partly responsible for the service being temporarily taken offline last week.

A couple of the new updates use Adobe's AIR technology. The Photoshop Express Uploader enables photo uploading from the desktop of any internet-connected computer. AIR is also behind a feature that "bridges the real-time, dynamic capabilities of the web with the computing power and data capabilities of the desktop computer", according to Adobe.

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Another handy feature is the ability to drag-and-drop photos directly from your photo application into Photoshop Express. Users can now also print photos through Shutterfly.

Dynamic slideshows can now have music created exclusively for Photoshop Express. For organising, the addition of tags allows for easy viewing and searching by name, party, venue, subject and anything else you find useful.

Profiles is now available and you can now download photos from anyone's public album and keep a collection of their favourites.

All of the new features are available immediately by logging into the Photoshop Express website.