The new version of Premiere Pro, Adobe's real-time video editing software, will be available on the Mac before it is available on the PC.

Premiere Pro is due to return to the Mac with the launch of Production Studio later this year.

"It will be a new version," said Adobe’s Premiere Pro product manager Giles Baker. "The Mac will get the next version of Premiere Pro; the Windows product will follow suit later." The two versions will be identical in features, Baker confirmed. "The intent is wherever possible to have exact parity between the Windows and the Macintosh versions," he explained.

The delay in getting the application to the Windows platform is likely to be a result of the move to Vista. Other companies are experiencing similar delays. For example, Autodesk's Maya 8.5, launched on 15 January, is not yet Vista-ready. Rob Hoffman, senior manager of product marketing at Autodesk, told PC Advisor's sister title Digit: "As with 64bit support, it's not a matter of if but when."

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