Why oh why do companies go to extreme lengths to make some really desirable looking kit then hide it away in anonymous black bags?

Yes, of course it's so you can be all organised and carry it around more easily. But that's just so dull.

It's been an issue for years with notebooks, which get more and more lovely looking and are genuine objects of lust - which is why it's great that there are some rather more eyecatching and interesting sacks to be had these days.

I came across several goodies when putting together the Christmas issue of the magazine. And today I was very pleased to discover the same thing is happening with digital camera bags. Check out Crumplerbags.com - one of those way too arty sites but if you can find your way around it, it's got some swag bags.

Working on the Christmas gifts feature is great fun as it inevitably means having to trawl lots of sites for suitably fun and funky stuff - and then of course, getting it in to play with. My i-Dog is annoying my colleagues at this very moment - though the Macworld guys the other side of the bookcase keep trying to dog-nap him.

Oh, and as you may have noticed, our January issue, containing said Christmas feature, went onsale yesterday.