Some of the biggest changes in Windows 8 have been around the touch interface. You can still use a traditional keyboard and mouse should you wish, but there are a host of compatible devices that make interacting with touch even easier. Naturally, if you have a laptop the touch screen will be the first port of call when you’re on the go. However, there are other accessories that help you make the most of the new features in Windows 8 when you’re in the office or back at home.

It might not seem obvious but a touch-compatible mouse will really help you make the most of Windows 8. There’s the convenience of having traditional features like left or right click at your fingertips and the added advantage of touch compatibility there too. By far the biggest advantage to these new touch-enabled devices is that they add gesture support. You’ll be able to pinch-to-zoom, call up the Windows 8 charms and more.

The TP713 from Dell is a simple slab that allows you to interact naturally with the Windows 8 interface using just your fingers. All the gesture controls you’re used to using on-screen are available in a more comfortable setup at your desk. The TP713 takes just two AAA batteries and is much more portable than a traditional mouse given that it’s a flat square. It’s wireless too, using a simple USB dongle to communicate, so there’s no unsightly wires cluttering up your desk.

One inevitable side effect of using a touch-screen PC of any type is that eventually the screen itself will be come smeared with fingerprints. To avoid this you should invest in a cleaning kit to make sure your monitor is always looking shiny and new. There are plenty to choose from, but make sure you go for one that specifically states it’s for an LCD touch screen device. 

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