Toshiba is set to release its Dynadock docking station in the UK and Europe, following a successful debut in the US last month. HDMI, wireless and PCI Express versions are planned.

Dynadock-U is a slimline vertical universal docking station with an integrated high-definition video card. The Dynadock's primary function is as a universal docking station providing additional ports for peripherals to be attached to a laptop. As well as the fairly standard extra USB 2.0 ports it supplies – in this case six – it opens up the possibility of attaching up to three standalone LCD monitors to a laptop. These can then be used in an extended array for an exceptionally widescreen gaming display or as separate screens for a business presentation.

Toshiba's spokesman explained that the Dynadock-U has a built-in HD video card that supports 7.1 surround sound. This dedicated graphics card is used to process onscreen information for the external screens. The device, which roughly resembles a wireless router and has narrow footprint due to its upright design, sits next to a laptop and attaches to it via a single cable. As well as external displays attached via VGA or DVI connections, the device adds LAN, 6 USB, SPDIF and speaker or microphone ports.

The Toshiba Dynadock-U launched in the US in mid-December for $149.99 and is expected to launch in Europe in the first quarter of this year. Wireless and PCI Express versions of the Dynadock-U with HDMI support are also likely to launch, with a tentative retail price of around $250.