Samsung has launched a 2.5in 100GB solid-state drive (SSD), which has with enhanced performance for use in servers running applications such as video-on-demand, internet data centers and online transaction processing.

Like other high-performance, enterprise-class flash drives, Samsung's SS805 SSD drive is being positioned as an alternative to traditional 15,000-rpm serial-attached SCSI (SAS) hard disk drives.

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Samsung said its new "performance-optimised" enterprise SSD can process IOPS (input/output per second) more than 10 times faster than the fastest SAS hard drive, with a sequential read rate of 230MBps (MB per second) and a sequential write rate of 180MBps.

By comparison Intel's X25-E enterprise-class SSD has a sustained sequential read rate of up to 250MBps and a sustained sequential write rate of up to 170MBps.

As Intel did with its X25-E, Samsung has boosted performance in its drive by using single-layer cell NAND flash memory, interleaving NAND flash chips and using multiple parallel channels and optimised firmware. Intel's X25-E uses 10 parallel channels; Samsung uses eight.

Parallel channels create multiple paths for data to move between NAND flash chips and the drive's controller, increasing internal throughput and performance.

"Our new enterprise SSD offers CIOs and IT managers the ability to greatly improve storage reliability and capacity while avoiding costly power and AC infrastructure upgrades in data centers at or near capacity," said Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor.

Samsung said the new drive comes with data encryption capability and can process as much as 100 times the number of IOPS per Watt as a 15,000rpm 2.5in SAS hard drive in applications where higher performance and lower power consumption are both needed.

Samsung said its enterprise SSDs use 1.9 Watts of power in active mode and 0.6 watts in idle mode, while typical 15,000rpm hard drives consume between 8 and 15 watts in active mode and 1 to 2 watts in idle mode.

The Samsung SS805 drive also allows all data in the process of being stored within the SSD to be preserved in the event of a power outage. The drive is expected to be available sometime this quarter. Samsung has not released pricing details.

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