If Nokia has its way, Apple may live to regret thrusting its sticky paws into the mobile phone market with the iPhone.

With Apple looming menacingly in the mobile phone sector, Nokia is getting in its retaliation first by launching a music download service to rival iTunes, and more music-playing mobiles.

The Nokia music site will go live in the coming month, selling inexpensive music downloads that are playable on most Nokia phones. Compatibility with other music players has not yet been revealed.

Apple may not be losing sleep over the iTunes rival just yet, but Nokia is also planning to launch 'at least one' 8GB music-playing phone - the N81 - to take on the iPhone when it finally hits the UK later this year. Yeah, you're right. Apple won't be losing any sleep over that, either.

But although we've heard countless stories of 'iPod-' and 'iPhone-killers', Nokia clearly feels it is in with a shout of shifting some of Apple's market share. And that's got to be good news for us punters, right?

A surprisingly large share of the UK digital-music player market comprises mobile phones, so the more competition, the better.

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