If a desktop PC or laptop is too extravagant to make it on to your Christmas wishlist, how about sprucing up what you've got with a fancy mouse or keyboard?

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710

We're big fans of this attractive wireless keyboard and mouse set. We particularly like the mouse, a smart, comfortable device that uses eerily effective laser technology to enable it to work accurately on virtually any surface. The keyboard, meanwhile, is fantastic-looking and sturdily built.

If you already have a good keyboard but fancy treating yourself to a new high-tech mouse, consider the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX; similar in design but slightly smaller than the mouse in this bundle, it comes on its own for £39.

• £69 inc VAT
Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710

Apple Magic Trackpad

Take the sophisticated, multitouch-enabled trackpad from a MacBook. Now blow it up to giant proportions and make it wireless. Hey presto, you've got the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Offering access to numerous functions via tapping, scrolling and swiping with one, two or three fingers, not to mention the classic 'pinch to zoom' control method made famous by the iPhone, this trackpad has the potential to replace the mouse entirely. And it's all delivered with Apple's trademark panache. Our only complaint is that it works only with Macs and not Windows PCs.

• £59 inc VAT
Apple Magic Trackpad review

Thermaltake Tt eSports Challenger

Super-competitive gaming types will love this gimmicky but fun keyboard. Anti-ghosting technology means large numbers of keystrokes can be registered simultaneously – just the thing for complex hotkey combos to give you the edge when playing real-time strategy games.

Well-built and fairly tank-like in its construction, the Challenger will stand up to the rigours of regular sessions.

Most intriguing of all, a small, rotatable fan slots into the keyboard and gently cools your aching fingers, not to mention the dank air in your gaming dungeon.

• £35 inc VAT
Thermaltake Tt eSports Challenger review

Cideko Air Keyboard

Rather like a keyboard, mouse and Nintendo Wii controller rolled into one diminutive chassis, the Cideko is an appealing and unusual wireless product that's designed to appeal to fans of media-centre PCs.

It has an accelerometer to move the cursor around the screen in sync with your movements; ‘shoulder buttons' act as left- and right-click. And the whole thing weighs in at just 197g: perfect for cueing up movies and surfing the web from the comfort of the sofa.

• £69 inc VAT
Cideko Air Keyboard review

Microsoft Arc Keyboard

Microsoft has a great pedigree in designing hardware peripherals. This chic, futuristic wireless keyboard is a case in point. The curved chassis makes the Arc comfortable to use, as well as giving it an elegant look; the typing action is quiet and reassuring; and the tiny USB 2.4GHz wireless receiver clips magnetically into the back of the unit. An absolute delight.

• £39 inc VAT
Microsoft Arc Keyboard review

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft gets a well-deserved second mention for this beautifully designed wireless mouse. It has a soft, textured finish, an ergonomic design and a clever bending action that enables it to switch effortlessly between flat portability and curvy comfort.

• £69 inc VAT
Microsoft Arc Touch review

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