At Apple's annual music event in San Francisco tonight, Steve Jobs announces redesigned versions of every flavour of Apple iPod... bar one. He demonstrated refreshed versions of the Apple iPod shuffle, nano and touch. But the Apple iPod classic has not been redesigned, and was not mentioned at the event, leading to speculation that it is being discontinued.

Turning back on the previous design, the new iPod shuffle has buttons, plus VoiceOver and Playlists. It is even smaller than the second generation iPod shuffle. The new iPod shuffle comes in five different colours: blue, green, gold, pink, silver. In the US it will retail for £39, and it contains up to 15 hours of music.

The new iPod nano costs £129 for the 8GB model, and £159 for the 16GB version. It's not much bigger than the iPod shuffle.

Describing the process of designing the new nano, Jobs said: "What can we do? We'd like to make it smaller and we'd like to make it better."

As a consequence, the new iPod nano is a tiny, multitouch device.

"It's so small, we're able to put a clip on it too. So it's instantly wearable," Jobs said.

According to Jobs the nano is 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter than the previous nano. It has hard volume buttons, VoiceOver support, an FM radio, Nike+, pedometer, and it comes in 29 languages.

The nano enjoys 24-hour audio playback battery life. It has lots of different screens. Playlists, Artists, Genius, Radio, basically each feature is an icon like an iPhone app. It doesn't, however, come with a camera - despite rumours suggesting it would.

The new iPod touch is even thinner than current model, and this iPod does have a front-facing camera with FaceTime. Like the Apple iPhone 4 is has an HD Retina display: 4X pixels, 326 ppi, 24-bit colour LED. It will run iOS 4.1 with GameCenter, has a 3-axis gyro and a second, rear-facing camera.

Apple says that all the new iPods can be updated via iTunes, whether they run iOS or not. Jobs said US pricing for the iPod touch is as follows: 8GB £189, 32GB £239, 64GB £329.

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