The power of 3D printing has brought many great projects to life--just look at the delicious chocolate printer, or perhaps the machine capable of printing out blood vessels. 3D printing is even becoming useful in the arts, as the quirky Crania Anatomica Filigre project by Joshua Harker proves.

The Chicago-based artist is now producing highly intricate 3D printed skull sculptures (which appear to be loosely based on sugar skulls) to sell as a limited-edition piece to those interested.

The idea for the strange yet beautiful project came from Joshua's love of sketching giant tangles on paper, and working out how he could use advancing technology to create them in three dimensions. After the success of previous tangle exhibitions, he is now creating the 3D-printed patterned skulls as a way of saying thank you to supporters of his work.

The white skulls are very delicate and covered in a swirling pattern designed by the artist--they are even detailed enough to have a full set of teeth. The sculptures come in a variety of sizes and materials, too.

Where can you get one? Due to the costs involved in creating such detailed work in 3D, Joshua has launched a Kickstarter page to cover the funds. You can pledge anything starting at $1, but if you want to get a skull sculpture, you'll need to pledge at least $50.

The project is a really interesting--and unique--use of 3D-printing technology.


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