UK-based Tranquil PC is taking orders for two home servers based on Intel's upcoming Diamondville version of the Atom processor.

The two Tranquil PC home servers, the T7-HSAi and T2-WHS-A3i, are both based on Intel's 1.6GHz Atom 230 processor, which will be launched at the Computex exhibition in Taipei next week.

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The £278 T7-HSAi comes with 512MB RAM, a 500GB hard disk, and Windows Home Server. The T2-WHS-A3i costs £299 and has the same basic specifications, but has room for two 3.5-inch hard disks, while the smaller T7-HSAi can hold a single 3.5-inch hard disk or two 2.5-inch hard disks.

The Atom-based systems replace earlier systems based on Via Technologies' older and less powerful C7 processor. The C7-based home servers are no longer available, although Tranquil still sells other computers based on Via processors.

The home servers are not the first products to be offered by Tranquil that use Atom, a chip designed for low-cost laptops and desktops. Last week, the company began accepting preorders for a motherboard with an Atom processor, priced at £53.

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