Due to a reporting error, the Computerworld (US) story, "Hitachi Unveils Laptop Hard Drive," posted Tuesday, incorrectly identified the Ultrastar C10K900 hard drive as a drive for laptops. It is a drive for servers and storage arrays in data centers. The headline and first and second grafs have been changed as follows:

New headline: Hitachi GST unveils new 2.5-in hard drive; delays Western Digital deal

First and second grafs:

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) today introduced its fastest 10,000 rpm, 2.5-in hard drive that it said to offers up to 18% faster sequential I/O than its predecessors.

The new 2.5-in Ultrastar C10K900 hard drive, targeted at data center use in servers and storage arrays, is also available in 600GB, 450GB and 300GB versions.