At CeBIT today FSP showed off its forthcoming Aurum series of power supply units, which will launch over the course of this year.

The Aurum range run to a maximum rating of 1,200W to cater for serious gamers and overclockers, although lower-watt models will hit shops first, and target more casual users. FSP certifies the range as suitable for use with Intel's Sandy Bridge processors.

First to market should be the AU-400, -500, -600 and -700 power supplies, with total power ratings of 400W, 500W, 600W and 700W respectively. The series is certified Gold for 80 percent power efficiency, and FSP claims greater than 90 percent in practice (in some testing, an FSP representative said, it had achieved around 95 percent). The firm expects them to be available around March.

Prices are still to be confirmed, although we were told that a short-term promotional price of 59.99 euros has been discussed for the AU-400, which gives some idea of what to expect.

FSP AU-700 power supply

FSP AU-700 power supply unit

The PSUs have 120mm FDB (fluid dynamic bearing) fans, and FSP boasts that these will prove unusually durable; the firm is offering five-year warranties with the Aurum PSUs.

FSP's Aurum Cable Management (CM) Series will launch next (product manager Albert Liang told us that the second quarter of the year, or May, was a possibility), and add a "low profile flat cabling system" to the standard Aurum range's feature list. FSP claims this will optimise airflow and make the PC chassis neater.

The CM series will come with ratings of 550W, 650W and 750W.

Q3 is likely to see the debut of FSP's Pro series of Aurum PSUs, which offer 850W, 1,000W and 1,200W. These all include eight PCI-E connectors and input voltages of 100-230V, and are designed with the serious upgrader and overclocker in mind.

FSP Aurum AU-1200 Pro

FSP AU-1200 Pro

Finally, FSP plans to launch a fanless Aurum device in Q4.

'Getting closer to the user'

FSP is using CeBIT to announce a change of focus. Liang told PC Advisor: "This year we are trying to get closer to the end user. We're not just a factory."

Historically a large part of FSP's business has been making power supplies to be sold by other firms under their own branding. Although the firm has had FSP-branded products on the market in the past, it intends to push this side to the fore in the coming year.

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