The Associated Press is supporting the data demands of its high-definition video production and archive workflows with a new storage system.

AP has deployed an EMC Isilon NAS (network attached storage) system to speed copy and transfer rates, deliver streamlined storage management, and lower video archiving storage costs.

Don Merrick, storage and backup services manager at Associated Press, said: "AP is transforming its video business by switching its entire newsgathering, production and distribution systems to HD, forming the largest rollout of HD by any news agency globally."

He said that with the new system "we don't have to compromise capacity for performance as we can grow both at the same time, and benefit from a competitive advantage".

Although EMC Isilon was initially deployed specifically for AP's video editing workflow, the news organisation soon began using Isilon to archive content as well, achieving "significant cost savings", said AP.

Delivering simplified IT management, Isilon allows AP to aggregate all storage assets into one pool, assign users' appropriate levels of service, and perform other storage management tasks. The system is also supporting AP's transition from four storage tiers to two (object-level and block-level).

AP says the new system is providing a video copy and transfer rate performance six times faster than its previous tape archival configuration.

In addition, AP is making cost savings of up to 45 percent per terabyte of HD video content with Isilon, compared to the tape-based archival system, which AP revealed had failed "10 to 15 percent of the time" when accessed.

The new technology has been deployed in the news organisation's New Jersey and London data centres.