Following the lead of Sprint and AT&T, T-Mobile has announced pricing and availability for LG's bendy (and occasionally wrinkly) G Flex phone. Verizon remains the only major carrier outside the cool curved club.

While the G Flex will be available on both AT&T and Sprint for $300 down and a two-year contract, T-Mobile has the phone available for no-money down and 24 monthly payments of $28. (While T-Mo loves to extol its "contract-free" approach, you're still tied to the carrier until the phone is paid off.) Conversely, customers can pay full $672 to own the phone outright (compared to $650 on Sprint or $695 on AT&T).

The phone will be available at T-Mobile retail beginning February 5, but is available for pre-orders starting now.

As an added bonus, LG will provide users who buy a phone before April 30 with six months of Netflix. Details should be available on this site, but the site was down when this article was published. We have reached out to LG to see if the Netflix deal will be available to customers on other carriers as well. We will update when they get back to us.