Video storage and streaming capability are priorities in new networking products from Belkin and Verizon.

Belkin's latest N900 is a high-performance 802.11n dual-band router with three channels on each band that reach up to 450 Mbps per band. The real strength of the router, though, will be IntelliStream, which automatically sets quality of service using a multi-thread CPU in the device.

This allows consumers to prioritize Netflix or games streaming when other demands are made on the router. The router will cost $199 and is available for pre-order now.

Belkin also announced its partnership with Dyle, a company that brings broadcast TV to mobile devices. Belkin had a prototype accessory for iOS devices on the show floor today, which acts as an antenna to grab over-the-air TV.

Because the accessory device is just an antenna for broadcast TV, it doesn't require Wi-Fi or a data network to bring you live TV, but you can guess that the performance of the tiny dongle will be subject to interference just like any over-the-air signals are. Belkin didn't have a release date yet, but it says that--when the accessory is made available in the coming months--it will cost about $129.


Verizon showed its own video-streaming equipment. First is a newly-announced 4G LTE storage device and wireless access point contained in one little black box that is made by Seagate.

The access point will let your mobile handsets connect to Verizon's 4G network and--if you download a movie to the storage space-- any other connecting device will be able to access the files you grabbed. There is no word on when the Seagate/Verizon component will be available for purchase, and no pricing was announced.

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