Shazam unveiled the full extent of it's app redesign that was launched earlier this month.

Shazam CEO, Rich Riley, said the redesign was part of a fundamental evolution in the app's consumer experience. "Shazam is evolving to become a destination experience and content platform for artists, shows and brands."

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"Shazam's new content-rich design, coupled with the recently launched News Feed and the effortlessness of Auto Shazam, give users powerful reasons to spend a lot more time with Shazam and to use it every day."

The company said that over the coming weeks, Shazam's iOS and Android users will see a new Shazam result that creates a deeper, richer experience. The new look is currently rolling out to users globally, with updates randomly released.

New features of the app include: Lyric previews when a track is matched: unique recommendations, access to information about US broadcast programmes, biographies and discographies, auto Shazam and the Shazam news feed.

Shazam had also recently announced a new partnership with Warner Music (WMG) that included a joint venture label for unsigned acts and marketing collaboration. A Shazam-branded imprint will identify artists for support and development by combining WMG's artists and repertoire (A&R) with Shazam proprietary data. Warner will also provide exclusive content for Shazam users.