A crowdfunding campaign for a sleek modular smartphone concept has been unceremoniously dumped by IndieGoGo, which shuttered the project's page on Friday morning.

As first reported by ModularAndroid.com, the project page was taken down and all pledges were refunded. A message sent to backers, obtained by that news site, said that Fonkraft "has been suspended due to not meeting our trust and safety standards."

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The message also stated that IndieGoGo would not share more specific details of the takedown, noting only that "we continually review campaigns and as new information arises we may take action such as suspending a campaign to protect contributors." This hasn't stopped commentators on sites like Reddit from concluding that the project was an attempted scam.

Network World has contacted Fonkraft for comment on the matter, but has not heard back from them as of this writing. The project's official site, however, remains live.

Fonkraft made minor waves upon its announcement, thanks to its similarity to Google's Project Ara a smartphone chassis that could be used to mount an array of different modules, allowing users to customize their devices in whatever way suits them. A larger battery, better camera or whatever else is desired can be swapped in and out at will. Moreover, the Fonkraft design looked a lot more like a traditional smartphone than Project Ara, with its more blocky, Lego-like appearance.