Smartphone users in Sierra Leone can now make free phone calls worldwide either via Wi-Fi or 3G courtesy of Plingm, a Swedish mobile VoIP app.

Called Freephoo until May 2012, when its name was changed to mark the beginning of a broad international launch of the app, Plingm offers users a savings over traditional mobile services, particularly on international calls. Smartphone users can download Plingm and make free mobile calls to each other as well as low-cost calls to other numbers.

"Plingm is a free mobile app that combines the new and old ways of mobile calling in a unique way," said PR Manager Margaretha Finnstedt Mø¬¬¥².

"Calls from Plingm to Plingm are connected via Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G) and are always free. With the add-on service Plingm Out, the call can be rerouted from Internet to a traditional network at a low price, saving up to 95 percent on international calls," Mø¬¬¥² said, noting that Plingm has been launched in Lebanon, Pakistan, Lithuania, Ghana, Denmark, Botswana, Jordan, Kuwait, Angola, Columbia, Norway, Egypt and Thailand.

In a release marking the launch in Sierra Leone, the company said it also supports free calls to Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections.

According to the rates published on Plingm website last updated in May, smartphone users will pay US$3.99 for 100 minutes of Plingm Out calls to countries like Canada, China and the U.S. For Plingm Out calls to several European countries such as Austria, Finland, France, Sweden and the U.K. Kingdom, 100 minutes will cost $10.99. Pligm Out calls to most African countries cost between $13.99 and $29.99 for 50 minutes.