Networking vendor Linksys is expanding into enterprise wireless networking with the launch of the first of its business grade wireless access points.

The two new Linksys Wireless-N access points will allow businesses to deploy a fast, highly secure and reliable wireless network or upgrade an existing wireless infrastructure, according to a company statement.

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The Linksys Wireless-N Access Points can be deployed as a Wi-Fi access point or a range extender to connect notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi devices to the network and the internet.

The Business Wireless-N Access Points use the widely adopted 802.11n standard to provide a fast and highly reliable wireless network. It supports advanced features such as Power over Ethernet for flexible placement, plus rogue AP detection and a 802.11X supplicant for enhanced security.

Belkin A/NZ managing director, Ian McLean, said Wi-Fi was the lynch pin of the work environment, and the conduit to many business-critical tools taken for granted in our daily work lives.

"Across industries it is vital for real-time information and connectivity, making reliable solutions paramount to ensuring everything always runs smoothly," he said.

"Linksys Business delivers these solutions and is committed to being a trusted business partner for the Australian and New Zealand corporate community."