LINE, a smartphone application created in Japan, is accelerating its growth momentum worldwide by including the Philippines because it is "filled with a multitude of opportunities."

In only about a year and a half since it was launched, LINE has surpassed the 110 million user milestone in 231 countries. In comparison, it took Twitter 49 months, and Facebook, 54 months.

In order to enhance the presence of LINE and its family apps in the Philippines, NHN Corporation plans to actively carry out marketing campaigns like partnering with local artists, animation and entertainment companies to release various localized contents solely for local users.

Moreover, said Hyun-bin Kang, Director of LINE Business Office, NHN Corporation, they intend to outsource fun games through cooperation with Filipino game developers.

"We can serve as a global platform for Filipino cartoonists and as an online marketing platform for Philippine companies," added Jin Woo Lee, Senior Manager of LINE Business Office.

NHN, a premier and influential Internet company in South Korea, recently introduced mobile messenger LINE which offers free messaging, calling and group chatting with up to 100 people, while integrating various social network service elements in its features such as Stickers and Home & Timeline. Plus LINE's multiple family apps including LINE Game, LINE Card, LINE Brush and LINE Camera.

Kang said "LINE's fun stickers will enable the users in the Philippines, who are known to freely express their feelings, to accurately illustrate and visualized their emotions." LINE Stickers enhance the communication experience by incorporating emotions. In particular, there are four representative LINE Characters -- Brown, Cony, Moon and James -- who portray a wide array of dramatic facial expressions.

He explained there are more than 200 types of stickers which users can utilize while chatting to share realistic and vivid emotional expressions to invigorate conversations.

Kang reported because of the continuous release of features, LINE has become widely popular in Asia, and is now rapidly growing in North America and Europe including Spanish-speaking countries. At present, LINE ranks number one in the free application category in 41 countries.

LINE is not only available for use on smartphone but also on various multi-devices such as PC and tablet. It is a cross platform communication service that supports various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.