About 39 per cent of Kiwi households expect to use more Internet data in 2014, with around 31 per cent saying they will have more devices connected to the Web.

This according to a survey of 1026 respondents, commissioned by ISP Orcon and carried out by Perceptive's monthly Omnibus in December 2013. The survey found that NZ households have an average of five devices connected to the internet.

It also found that while 15 per cent of the respondents had upgraded recently to a faster technology, such as VDSL or UFB, around 41 per cent stated they would be considering an upgrade in 2014.

Building on the survey results, Orcon has launched two VDSL plans today.

"With New Zealand households using more data, and connecting more devices to the Internet, it's vital that they have a fast connection. And with a fast connection, a decent data cap is essential. We think our VDSL plans, in particular the uncapped plan, will appeal to families, flatters, and anyone who demands plenty of data, fast," said Orcon CEO Greg McAlister.

The new VDSL plans are priced at $99 a month for 80GB and $119 a month for unlimited broadband, and include modem rental and a home phone line.