Kenya Data Networks (KDN) officially opened its new company headquarters at the Sameer Business Park off Mombasa Road. This is after the company launched its data centre a few weeks ago on the same location and has plans of lighting up its fiber optic link between Kampala and Kigali in the next 30 days.

During the launch, Mr. Naushad Meralli noted that new headquarters is expected to increase KDN's opportunity to upsize and expand by exposing staff members to a bigger workspace. KDN has since experienced growth in the last few years and there was need to expand its facilities in order to provide better service to customers.

"Previous week managerial repositioning at KDN was part of the company's strategy towards its growth and expansion", says the CEO Rikus Matthyser. He added that KDN serves 65% of ISPs in Kenya and that its partnership with Altech is set to drive the company ahead through creating a conducive environment to its customers as well as the staff members.

As part of this managerial restructuring, Cisco CEO Shahab Mehski will replace KDN CEO Rikus Matthyser.