Nowadays who needs to watch an Apple product announcement? All you really need to do is be on Twitter, if you can keep up with all the tweets. See also: New iPad review.

Apple's much-anticipated announcement of the next-generation iPad today, which includes a new retina display, the release of iOS 5.1 and a suite of updated applications, some of which seemed to be aimed at gamers, was abuzz on Twitter.

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Activity on the social media site exploded during the event, and as it went on users delivered a play-by-play call of the action. Both iPad and iOS 5.1 jumped into the Top 10 Twitter trending topics Wednesday.

Before the event began, people were getting ready :

@adamlashinsky: Apple event begins in 15 minutes.

Then, as it did, each announcement from Apple was tweeted:

@nickbilton On stage, Tim Cook, says Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices last years, which made up 76% of its Q4 revenues.

[email protected] New Apple TV is $99 and will be available next week.

[email protected]_Pinto Apple Announces iOS 5.1, Adds Japanese Support for Siri

@dsarno There are 3.1 million pixels on the device -- the most ever on a mobile device, says Apple marketing head Schiller. 2048 x 1536 resolution.

@FashionweekNYC The new Apple iPad has a 5 megapixel camera & 4G LTE!

@CiscoMobile Apple releases free updates for iWork, iMovie and GarageBand for iPad, pricing remains the same

Some questioned Apple:

@tcrawford With the new #iPad including 4G LTE and Retina Display, one has to wonder about battery life.

And others made snide remarks about the company's use of the 4G LTE network:

@shenyard It's nice that Apple's using LTE... but everyone outside of New York and LA doesn't have that.

@HussainD1: Pretty hard to get excited about specs on the new iPad when we're restricted on iTunes and struggle with decent 3G let alone 4G.

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One running theme on Twitter was the lack of a name to call the new iPad product, which had some users frustrated:


@BrileyK Soooo, what do we call this thing? "The New iPad" or what? #What'sTheNameAlready

And, before the event was over, people had their analysis of the news:

@DowCo1 Full breakdown of the new iPad right here

Including quoting news sources:

@TechKnowledgeIt Apple lets movies into iCloud, upgrades Apple TV: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Apple is going to start letting user...

Overall, some enjoyed the product release:

@lawman_321 Apple brought their A-game with the #iPad 3/HD/whatever they end up calling it. Much improved, and at the same price points.

Others, not so much:

@AlexScottLeach Another predictable #apple conference.

@AlexanderStraub OMG, Steve Jobs is missing big time. They Apple team is making the most unfocused and messy presentation yet I have seen. No FOCUS anymore!

@deepaknrn Apple unveil iphone5 fast. fast fast we dont want #ipad

@mumuedstar Apple's habit of minor updates on new devices are becoming more and more obvious and it's starting to get really frustrating

The news sold some people though:

@danielspears_ I'm buying an iPad 3.

@AblaTheNaari The new Apple iPad. Giveeee meeeee!

And then there were the jokers:

@rainnwilson: Apple is about to announce its shrinking the iPad down to the size of an iPhone & allowing it to make calls.

Whatever you think of the news, it can't be denied that the announcement created quite the buzz:

@INNOV8ORDIE Apple TV and iPad 3 - - Cue the euphoria.

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