Fetch TV has launched a desktop application programmed to block all FIFA World Cup results for those of you unfortunate enough to miss out on the live action.

The 'Spoiler Spoiler' app, available as a free extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users around the world, works by censoring all text which it deems is related to the football tournament regardless of which Web site you visit.

It does this by actively scanning Web sites for countries, team names, and World Cup-related terms. These are then automatically covered with the colours of a user-selected team.

It is also compatible with social media Web sites, and will blot out individual posts so you can use these as well.

This means you can record the overnight action taking place in Brazil, and watch it after work or school without having to steer clear of the Internet.

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Fetch TV has confirmed to Good Gear Guide that Spoiler Spoiler will be constantly repurposed for a number of major events, with the Oscars to face the same treatment. Each event will require a new download.

Conveniently, Spoiler Spoiler's filter can be bypassed; simply click on a Web page and confirm you wish to view the content once the warning prompt pops up.

Fetch TV's Spoiler Spoiler app is now live, and can be downloaded from here.

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