We put the latest crop of wireless routers through their paces in our new issue, testing real-world data throughput over both small and large distances.

For more on life without wires, read our in-depth guide to wireless networking, which is included in the December 06 issue of PC Advisor – available in all good newsagents today. Our news, product reviews and step-by-step guides will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about setting up and running a wireless LAN (local area network) in your home or business. It really is Wi-Fi made easy!

The routers we reviewed were the AVM Fritz!box FON WLAN 7050, Belkin's N1, the Netgear DG834N, D-Link's Rangebooster N 650 and the Linksys WRT300N. Netgear's router was our Best Buy, and we also recommend the Linksys product.

Using QCheck throughput-benchmarking software we tested each router's data transfer speed. The results are pictured below:

Speed test results

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*Correction: due to an error in the production process, in the December 06 issue of PC Advisor, the 'Wireless router speed test' chart on page 126 incorrectly attributes throughput speeds to routers. The correct scores are included in each product review and in the chart above. This does not affect the award of Best Buy to the Netgear DG834N, and Recommended to the Linksys WRT300N. PC Advisor apologises for any confusion caused.