"What Cisco does today in the Kenyan market is the very centre of the Ministry of Information and Communication technology solutions to make Kenya and the world a better place", said Hon. Samuel Poghisio, minister of Information and communication during the launch of the Cisco Expo 2011, in Kenya. The two day event held at Kenyatta International Conference in Nairobi plans to change the way people live, work, play and learn.

The expo attracted over 700 customers and business people from various countries of the world than the expected 500, on the 1st day. This event brought together local and global system integrators to share technology thought and leadership. The expo demonstrated the power of human networks and experience of how real face to face meetings will be in the future.

Based on a virtualization and collaboration landscape, Cisco had their partners demonstrate solutions to show how far Kenya has come in the arena of technology. Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore shared with the delegates on the importance of TelePresence and TeleJustice solutions to the poor people deep down in remote villages of Kenya. Cisco with its partners is tasked with providing solutions to make life easy to all.

Speaking during the expo, Hon. Samuel Poghisio was quick to note that Hon. James Rege, embraces technology, he is the only member of the Kenyan Parliament who uses TelePresence to communicate with citizens from his constituency.

Cisco is designing new business models with their partners to provide services that are better suit the end user. Geared towards the quality of service, Cisco is set to deploy quality services to rural areas based on the business case studies in these areas. For instance internet bandwidth is more likely to be used in research on sustainable farming practices than access social media platforms experienced in the urban areas.

The company so far aligns itself with Kenya's millennium development goals by developing a competitive economy with a high quality of life. It does this through enabling cross investment and transforming the health sector, education sector, industries, businesses and the telecommunication infrastructure.

So far Cisco has trained over 4000 students since its inception to improve its education capacity. In Kenya, it established an academy of deaf students in Kibera Slums, Nairobi and empowers them with technology programmes. Unlike other community initiatives from various companies, together with other partnering institutions, Cisco took a bottom up approach and rolled out community knowledge centres in Kenya, they have so far injected 2 million USD into these knowledge centres.

Ideas and facts filled the expo on how the company technology ruled the ever collaborating business world. They have taken advantage of the internet, which collapsed trans-national boundaries and eliminated distances. Currently they capitalize on video communication which is bound to change the way we live. The session was summarized by a live 3D hologram beam of one of the Cisco vice president streamed all the way from California.