The First Law of Robotics may declare that robots can't injure humans or allow them to come to harm. But Isaac Asimov never said anything about robots harming each other for our amusement.

The Bluetooth Fighting Robots that BeeWii has on display at International CES this week do their battling with infrared lights instead of thunderous punches. You control the palm-sized pugilists with a mobile device--BeeWii offers apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users. The controls mimic a gamepad with a d-pad for maneuvering your robot around and buttons to fire off infrared blasts at your adversary. Think of it as a form of laser tag, only with miniature robots.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit if you're ready to rumble: The $34 Bluetooth Fighting Robot isn't expected to ship until May or June, BeeWii says.

The fighting robots on display at CES are the latest in a series of Bluetooth-connected toys from BeeWii. The company also offers the Bluetooth Athlete Robot, another $34 toy that includes a soccer ball and goal along with your little mechanical Messi. The idea may be to assemble enough Athlete Robots to have your own soccer match--indeed, BeeWii had assembled a robot-sized soccer pitch at its CES booth--but these are multi-sport athletes. You can also use the BeeWii Bot App to have your robots race or battle each other in Sumo-style wrestling matches.