Enterprise grade Wi-Fi networks is the network for today and the future, according to network management vendor, Meru Networks president and CEO, Bami Bastani.

He said the increase in the average number of consumption devices per user and the growth of real-time applications are enabling network usage growth and challenging CIOs to enforce BYOD policies within their workplaces.

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"Everyone now has a smartphone or tablet and wants Wi-Fi as they go to their offices and conference rooms. The Wi-Fi networks must be able to support all those devices and managing the network is important" he claimed.

According to Bastani, the NBN will fuel the growth of wireless networks.

"The NBN is critical as it promotes better 4G usage. 4G class wireless will drive usage, demand, and spectrum, enforcing the need for Wi-Fi inside enterprises. As it grows, it will fuel video and applications requiring bandwidth."

Bastani mentioned that the wireless space will be a growth industry in the next three to five years. He attributed an IDC study, which found that the wireless industry growth is expected to multiply twofold in the coming years from its 20 per cent growth in 2012.

"Different industry verticals have a different growth rate, but in aggregate, healthcare, education and hospitality are exciting spaces to be in. Banking and retail are all moving towards that direction too. It is worth $US4.3 billion this year, and expected to reach $US6.2 billion in 2016," he added.

Bastani also outlined Meru Networks' plans going forward, which include an increased focus into the education, healthcare and hospitality verticals; a company move from being a wireless provider to a solution provider; improving its go-to-market channel strategy with its MobileFlex solution; do beta site testing of 802.11ac technologies in Q2 and release technologies related to that in Q3.

"As we look to 2014 and 2015, we are looking to launch our Cloud offering and build on our offerings in the public Cloud space for SMBs."

The company recently launched its MobileFlex technology, which is an integrated wireless architecture that gives IT decision-makers the choice and control in addressing the demand for capacity and bandwidth to keep their mobile users connected.

The solution is available from Meru Networks' distributor, Wavelink.