Google has made StreetView available to Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 handsets.

StreetView offers users the ability to improve standard Google Maps with 360-degree, navigable photographic views of selected locations.

Until now, the Google Maps Mobile software has only supported the function on a select number of handsets, including the T-Mobile G1 and Apple's iPhone. However, the new version - Google Maps Mobile 2.3 - has extended support to a wider range of handsets.

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The new version of the software also includes the ability to request walking and driving directions as well as reading reviews of a place of interest you're seeking directions to.

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Google also revealed in its Mobile blog it had "overhauled the entire user interface to make the app more responsive and easier to use".

StreetView is not currently available for UK locations, although Google is in the process of rolling the service out.

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