It's been a long week of waiting but Apple's iPhone 3G S is finally available in the UK, so we've taken a look at what's being said on the web about the new must-have handset.

Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

"During my week of testing, the new model proved dramatically snappier in every way than my iPhone 3G. Its processor is 50 percent faster than in the prior model, and it sports a new graphics chip. Applications opened much more quickly. Web pages loaded far faster.

The camera was ready to use almost instantly. And I never once saw the occasional, annoying iPhone behavior where you strike a key while typing and it sits there, seemingly stuck, before you can continue."

David Pogue, New York Times

"The new iPhone doesn't just catch up to its rivals - it vaults a year ahead of them. At this point, the usual list of 10 rational objections to the iPhone have been whittled down to about three: no physical keyboard, no way to swap the battery yourself and no way to avoid using AT&T as your mobile company."

Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

"Everything feels faster. Safari on the iPhone 3G S seems as interactive as a desktop browser. At times, pages were being rendered so quickly over Wi-Fi that I had to double-check to make sure that the usual time-suckers (JavaScript and plugins) hadn't been turned off, and that I wasn't using some sort of cut-down mobile site."

Ed Baig, USA Today

"Apple also improved the digital camera on the 3G S, though I still find shooting with it a bit awkward. The autofocus camera is up to 3Mp, compared to 2Mp on the 3G model.

You can tap an object in the frame that's not in the center to have the iPhone shift its focus there and adjust the white balance. The new camera does a pretty good job on really close-up shots. There's still no flash for snapping low-light pictures."

Jason Chen, Gizmodo

"The iPhone 3G S is not an insignificant step forward in the iPhone family. The Nike+ support, magnetometer (compass), video recording, voice command, better camera, better battery life and faster data network are all improvements nobody would call a step backwards.

But the biggest day-to-day improvement over the 3G is undoubtedly the increased processing speed, which is why Apple called this phone the 3GS (with the S standing for super fast) in order to designate that it's basically the 3G, but better."

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