Thanks to Wednesday's reveal of the new iPhone 5, the onslaught of iPhone 5 case announcements continues. Which means that this week, we've got two doses of our weekly roundup of the latest and greatest protective accessories. (You can see the first here.) Yes, this means you can shop for a new case before your new phone even arrives! And if you're not quite ready to upgrade, we've also got some new cases for your your trusty iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Acase: Even though the company's website hasn't yet been updated to reflect the new products, Acase has announced two new cases for Apple's latest handset. The Citta (iPhone 5; $17) is an ultra-thin, snap-on case that features a unique interlocking-diamond-textured back for visual depth and added grip; and the SuperLeggera Pro (iPhone 5; $20), which combines a tough polycarbonate exterior with a soft silicone interior to protect your brand-new handset from bumps and scratches, and even includes flexible covers that help protect the headphone jack and Lighting-connector ports from dust and humidity.

Boxwave: The company's lineup now includes over a dozen iPhone 5-compatible cases, including the Keyboard Buddy (iPhone 5; $90), which includes a slide-out, backlit, Bluetooth keyboard; the translucent Crystal Slip (iPhone 5; $13), with its ultra low-profile rubberized construction; and the Haute Bronze (iPhone 5; $27), which comes with a padded front cover to keep your screen safe and features a unique animal-print design.

CalypsoCase: The company has released a series of three new iPhone cases, dubbed "Calypso Crystal," in collaboration with designer Laura Bohinc. These include the Rainbow Loop (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $169), the Sunrise Ring (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $169), and the Rainbow Dream Cabrio (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $169). Like all other Calypso cases, the Crystal models are made from genuine, high-quality leather and precious metals such as silver, and come in their own unique hand-packed gift box.

Dynaflo: If you, like me, think that the iPhone's oleophobic screen coating seems to be completely unafraid of your skin oils, you have probably tried to apply a screen protector, and had to contend with bubbles, dust particles, and all sorts of little annoyances that make these convenient accessories somewhat impractical. Dynaflo's Liquid-Armor (all iPhone models; $25) promises to make all these problems go away for good by reducing the process of applying a screen protector to nothing more than... rubbing it on. The Liquid-Armor comes in a bottle and can be sprayed directly onto a special cloth that is then simply rubbed against your screen, providing protection from fingerprints, scratches, and dust from up to six months.

Hex: The Supra Core (iPhone 4 and 4S; $40) is a snap-on shell the company designed in collaboration with footwear manufacturer Supra. It features a unique cloth-like material designed for high durability that outlasts regular denim--the same material that has made Supra's shoes so popular. It comes in black or white, and features all the appropriate cutouts to make sure you that you maintain unhindered access to your iPhone's ports and cameras at all time.

iLuv: The company has announced a large number of cases for the iPhone 5. These include the Snoopy Sports Series (iPhone 5; $30), a snap-on shell that features the popular Peanuts character, who also makes an appearance in the Snoopy Holiday Series (iPhone 5; $30), Snoopy Vintage Series (iPhone 5; $30), and Snoopy Glow.

If comics aren't your thing, iLuv also offers a variety of "serious" cases, like the wallet-like Atelier Clutch (iPhone 5; $35) and the Camera Case (iPhone 5; $40), both made from genuine, full-grain leather and available in a variety of tints.

STM: The Arvo (iPhone 5; price unavailable) is a dual-layer hardshell cover that features a "soft touch" construction to improve feel and grip. It includes an integrated stand for landscape viewing, and comes in black/red, black/grey, pink, blue/charcoal, or white/charcoal.

The Harbour (iPhone 5; price unavailable) is constructed using similar techniques, but instead of a pop-out stand, it features a bottom piece that can be removed to make placing your handset in a dock easier. It's available in black/red, black/grey, pink, blue/charcoal, or white/charcoal.

Finally, the Opera (iPhone 5; price unavailable) is a simpler shell made of textured TPU material that features a tile pattern inspired by Sydney's Opera House. It provides excellent protection while granting immediate access to all of the phone's ports and cameras. It can be had in blue, black, pink, grey, or white.

U Bling: The U Bling (iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; $40) is a snap-on shell case that features hundreds of receptacles designed to hold a "pop"--a small, colored, cylindrical tile. This, in turn, makes it possible for the case's owner to create a design that matches their taste. The case is available in white, black, or pink, and the company even offersa convenient online app that helps you experiment with various designs before implementing them. The U Bling will be available at the end of October.

Uniea: Among the over two dozen iPhone 5-compatible cases new to this company's product line, you will find the U-Motion Runner Series (iPhone 5; $25), which, at a mere 33 grams, is a great lightweight carrier for your handset that fits conveniently around your arm, making it a great choice for jogging or walking on hot days.

The Colorama Folio (iPhone 5; $30) pops open to give you prompt access to your iPhone while completely enclosing it for carrying. The Colorama features a unique pressed-hexagon pattern that makes the case easier to grip, and the case comes in green, white, pink, black, orange, or purple.

The Soft Suit Folio (iPhone 5; $35) is made from fine PU leather, with a strong metal frame to give it structural strength and optimal protection characteristics. The front flap gives you access to the screen while keeping everything neatly protected when not in use. The case comes in pink, yellow, orange, blue, white, or black.