Wednesday's release of the third-generation iPad spawned so many iPad-case announcements that yesterday's roundup simply wasn't enough to hold them all. So this week we've got two iPad-case roundups (Plus, I just wanted to use another headline inspired by The Shining.)

Camalen: The Armor (iPad 3; $79) is a leather case that features a two-piece assembly to allow maximum freedom of movement. It's designed to work in conjunction with Apple's Smart Cover, offering additional protection during transport. It comes in black, tea, white floater, black floater, or red floater.

Case-Mate: This company is releasing six of its cases for the third-generation iPad, starting with the Textured Tuxedo (iPad 3; $60), which is an elegant, wraparound case inspired by Apple's Smart Cover. It keeps the iPad securely attached using Magic Tape, and the flexible, partitioned top curls up to hold the iPad at an angle for viewing. It's available in blue, black, red, grey, or orange.

The Venture Case (iPad 3; $60) is a folio-style case built using a leather-like material with textured finishes. It's compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature, and it comes in dark brown/light brown or black/black color combinations.

The Pop! (iPad 3; $50) combines a hardshell back case and a stand in a single, convenient package. A clever plastic tab pops out of the case when you need to prop up your iPad for viewing or typing, and conveniently folds away at other times. The case, which comes in white, also features soft-rubber sides that both improve your grip and help keep the case steady in stand mode.

The Signature Slim Stand (iPad 3; $90) is a folio-style leather case that folds into a stand for viewing videos and typing. It supports the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature and comes in black/dark brown, brown/dark brown, or lipstick pink.

The Smart Cover Barely There (iPad 3; $40) is a thin, hardshell back cover designed to work alongside Apple's Smart Cover. Made of impact-resistant material, the case comes in black, glossy white, or lipstick pink.

Finally, the Stingray Slim Stand (iPad 3; $90) is an embossed-leather case--somewhat reminiscent of Apple's case for the first-generation iPad--that folds into a viewing or typing stand in landscape orientation. The Stingray comes in lipstick pink or turquoise.

Cygnett: The Lavish Connect (iPad 3; $130) combines an elegant, black case with an ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard for typing on the go. A pull-out tab at the back helps prop up your iPad and doubles as a viewing stand; the case is also compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature.

The Canvas (iPad 3; $50) is a folio case covered in a classic, hard-wearing canvas that is both tough and beautiful; like the Lavish, the Canvas is compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature.

Finally, the Glam (iPad 3; $60) a folio case that can hold the iPad at various viewing angle for watching videos or typing. It's available in various styles and color combinations.

iFrogz: The Summit Case (iPad 3; $60) combines a folio-style design with a snap-in core to provide flexibility and protection without adding too much bulk, while doubling as a stand for viewing or typing. The black case also features a stylus loop, and it comes with black, blue, green, pink, or clear/white accents.

The NeoFirm (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $25) is a neoprene sleeve that features a beautiful, abstract motif. It's available in black, pink, green, blue, or red, and it keeps your iPad safe from scratches and bumps with its soft and bouncy material.

M-Edge: The SuperShell (iPad 3; $35) wraps around your iPad with a thick, high-impact plastic frame designed to absorb bumps and protect the tablet's frame from stress. It comes in purple, green, blue, or pink.

The Hampton Jacket (iPad 3; $50) works both as a folio and, thanks to an innovative mount system, a standalone, snap-on back cover for low-profile protection. It supports propping up the iPad at multiple angles, in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The grey Incline Jacket (iPad 3; $50) features a foldable front, similar to Apple's own Smart Cover, that allows you to hold the iPad in three landscape and two portrait positions for viewing and typing. The same design is shared by the Trip Jacket (iPad 3; $50), which which comes in either black, red, or black twill.

Finally, the Latitude Jacket (iPad 3; $35) features a zippered closure to keep your iPad safe during transport. It's built using the same mount system as the Hampton Jacket for maximum flexibility.

Portenzo: The WingTip (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $75 and up) is a book-style case built using traditional book-binding materials. Handmade entirely in the United States, it's available with a range of options, including an elastic band, a magnetic clasp, or both. The WingTip is available in user-selectable combinations of colors that include red, black, green, orange, blue, and brown, and it can even be personalized with an embossed inscription.

Uniea: The company has announced a large number of cases for the third-generation iPad. These include the Rebelution StreetArt (iPad 3; $35) a polycarbonate shell that features street-art-inspired design patterns; the U-Suit Folio (iPad 3; $50), a leather folio available in white, brown, or grey; and the Dot (iPad 3; $35), a polycarbonate shell that sports a cute, polka-dot design.

Waterfield: The Muzetto Outback (iPad 3; $149 to $159) is a new version of the company's Muzetto for iPad, designed for the iPad owner on the go. This time around, the Muzetto, which comes in five different sizes--two of them perfect for either a "naked" iPad, or an iPad in a case--is made of waxed-cotton canvas. It's available in your choice of one of six different colors: green, white, red, brown, teal, or black.

X-Doria: The CampFire (iPad 3; $60) is a hardshell case that uses a unique, padded cushion that allows you to position your iPad at exactly the right viewing angle for every occasion and on any surface. When not in use, the cushion reverses and wraps around the tablet, protecting it from bumps and scratches during transport.

XtremeMac: The Professional Case (iPad 3; $60) features a rugged, zipper closure and formed corners to protect your tablet from accidental bumps. An internal, zippered sleeve provides additional space for accessories and papers. For a simpler design, the company also offers the Professional Sleeve (iPad 3; $80), which combines a soft, microsuede interior with a luxurious, leather exterior in a package that offers excellent protection without adding too much bulk.

If you're after a more retro look, XtremeMac's Vintage Sleeve (iPad 3; $50) is made of waxed canvas that protects your iPad from the elements and features a unique snap closure that prevents the sleeve from opening accidentally. A convenient pull-out tab makes it easy to remove the tablet while maintaining a snug fit.

The Tuffwrap (iPad 3; $35) is a snap-on, silicone back case designed to protect your iPad with a splash of color. It comes in textured clear, grey, red, orange, blue, pink, or green. If you prefer to protect both sides of your device, you'll instead want to look to the Microshield (iPad 3; 35), which is designed to be compatible with Apple's Smart Cover and comes in complimentary colors, in addition to a silkscreened model (iPad 3; $35), which adds a dash of personality to the case.