Welcome to another iPad-case roundup, where we put on our favorite safari hats and scour the jungles of the Internet to find the newest protective accessories for your tablet.

Aviiq: The Aluma Shield (iPad 3; $25) is custom molded specifically to fit Apple's third-generation tablet, and is designed to protect the back of your iPad with smooth anodized aluminium finish joined to a hard-plastic trim in a variety of colors. The metal plate works together with the ABS plastic to dissipate heat, and the case's contours play nicely with Apple's own Smart Cover to provide excellent protection. The case comes in black, smoke, green, blue, or purple.

Griffin Technology: The Binder Insert (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $25) makes it easy to stick your iPad into a standard three-ring binder--great for carrying around between classes or discretely tucked away in a catalog. The case, which weighs less than four ounces, can also be used as a standalone protector for your tablet, and it includes a loop designed to hold a stylus. The case's grommets are made of reinforced steel.

Looptworks: If nothing else, the Luhu Envelope (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $70) will teach you a new term: "upcycling." According to the company, that's what happens to excess show leather, which, instead of being discarded, is simply reused to make this beautiful sleeve. Perfect for keeping any iPad model safe, this sleeve includes a magnetic closure to keep everything secure during transport, as well as a soft interior to help protect your iPad's screen from scratches and dust. It comes in black or brown.

Padacs: The Enduro (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $60) is a portfolio-style case that incorporates a 6800mAh battery that, according to the manufacturer, boosts the power of an iPad 2 by 75 percent or a third-generation iPad by 50 percent. The case, made of black TPU, can also be used to prop up the iPad for viewing or typing, and features an anti-slip, faux-leather interior to make sure your table doesn't shift around while you're using it. A convenient strap keeps the case closed during transport.

Switcheasy: The Pelle (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $60) is an ultra-slim folio designed for quick and easy usage. Its front cover flips around to lock into a convenient stand good for multiple landscape-orientation-viewing angles; and the faux-leather, processed with a special rubber coating, keeps your table from moving around when in use. The case, which also supports the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feautre, comes in blue, red, black, pink, or green. The latter two models also include Swarovski Elements decorations.

Targus: The VersaVu (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $60) is a folio capable of propping up the iPad at several viewing angles, thanks to a number of ingenious grooves built into the inside of the case's cover. A rotating mechanism allows you to orient your tablet in either landscape or portrait orientation for maximum viewing enjoyment. The case's exterior is made of water-resistant faux leather, while the interior features a soft fabric that cushions your iPad from bumps and scratches. It's available in white/grey, pink/grey, grey, or black.

USBFever: The LeatherLook (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $53) is a folio made of PU leather, with a convenient cover that flips around to act as a stand for either viewing or typing in landscape orientation. The LeatherLook is compatible with the iPad's sleep/wake feature; comes in black, white, orange, copper, red, blue, or yellow; and provides openings for all ports and cameras. The package also includes a handy screen protector at no extra charge.

Us+U: The Swivel (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $70) is the portfolio case of a thousand uses. Thanks to its swivelling base, it can prop up your iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, rotating 360 degrees as needed. Two kickstands come out to set the case in "work mode," in a stable, slanted position ideal for onscreen typing. A pen holder (which, of course, also works with a stylus) and an external pocket round out the Swivel's features.

X-Doria: The Drive-In (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $40) is designed to fit on the back of one of your car seats, providing a comfortable viewing experience for the folks who sit in the back seat--excellent for keeping rowdy children at bay and backseat drivers otherwise occupied. The strapping mechanism is simple to use, making installation and removal a snap, and a zippered pocket attached at the bottom keeps cables and headphones neatly organized. The case is even cushioned to protect both tablet and heads in the event of a sudden stop or collision.