The new iPad is finally here—and our inboxes have been positively flooded with new- and updated-case announcements. Here's a look at what we saw in just the first 24 hours or so after the third-generation iPad debuted.

Gumdrop: The Drop Tech Series (iPad 3; $60) provides hardcore protection for everyday use, as well as for any extra-rugged environment in which find yourself in the company of your tablet. Available in black, black/red, white/black, or pink/white, and built out of sturdy rubberized plastic, it is designed to provide multiple layers of protection from bumps, drops, and scratches.

Hard Candy: The Bubble 360 (iPad 3; $60) is a two-piece hardshell case designed to provide maximum protection while adding minimal bulk. Built using a dual polycarbonate design, the case features a convenient screen-locking mechanism that keeps dust and water out without affecting the feel of the iPad in your hand. The case is available in white or black.

Speaking of bubbles, the company has also announced the Bubble Sleeve (iPad 3; $50), which features a soft-feel, EVA-molded rigid case with a bubble design that protects against bumps. The zippered construction makes it possible to use your iPad both inside and outside the case. The case comes in black, lime green, pink, or a special White Collection (iPad 3; $50) model.

i-Luv: The company has announced a number of new products for Apple's third-generation tablet. The Ulster (iPad 3; $50) is a folio-style case that doubles as a multi-angle viewing stand or typing platform in landscape orientation. If folios are your thing but you prefer a different look, the Great Jeans (iPad 3; $60) sports the same functionality as the Ulster but is made entirely out of denim.

Apropos of denim, the Dungarees (iPad 3; $50) sports a slightly different design inspired by the old-fashioned string envelope, but it can still be used as a viewing stand and typing platform, and it is even compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature.

For an artsier look, the Pangborn Art Collection (iPad 3; $80) is a portfolio that features a unique Pangborn design, available in multiple color combinations. It can double as a viewing stand in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Finally, for the person who needs more than just an iPad, the CEOFolio (iPad 3; $80) features a more businesslike look and provides plenty of pockets for carrying cards, paper and even for a pen (or, if you prefer, a stylus). Like the other cases mentioned here, it can be used as a viewing stand.

iSkin: The Aura (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $100) is a folio that can be used to both carry your iPad around, safely protected from bumps and scratches, and hold it up in landscape orientation for typing and viewing. In addition to supporting the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature, the case features an inside pocket for holding business, ID, and credit cards. It comes in blue or in a Happy Friends edition (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $100) that sports an array of cute cartoon characters on the cover.

Otterbox: The company has updated its Defender Series by introducing a new model for the third-generation iPad that also fits the iPad 2 ($90). Like its predecessors, the case features a triple-material construction that incorporates foam, polycarbonate, and rubber for maximum protection, and provides a convenient way to prop up your tablet for viewing or typing. It comes in black.

Targus: The Slim Case (iPad 3; price unavailable) is a wraparound cover built of a soft material that protects both the front and back of the iPad while doubling as a viewing and typing stand. Available in black, red, blue, orange, grey, pink, or white, it is compatible with the tablet's magnetic sleep/wake feature and even comes with an ingenious hideaway stylus holder.

The Business Folio (iPad 3; price unavailable) provides many of the same features as the Slim Case, but it's built using a high-end, textured-leather material and a handy pocket that can be used for carrying papers and cards.

The Simply Basic (iPad 3; price unavailable) is, as its name implies, a simple-but-elegant sleeve. The Simply Basic is made of stretchy, water-resistant neoprene and is designed to keep your iPad safe during transport without adding bulk. It's available in orange, blue, grey, or black.

Scosche: The company has announced a wide range of cases and accessories made for or compatible with the third-generation iPad. These include the KeyPad p2 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $80), which comes with a pull-out Bluetooth keyboard, and the FolioIQ p2 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $50), which features a Smart Cover-like construction and can double as a stand capable of supporting multiple viewing angles.

Scosche also announced the WebKase (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $35) and the SportKase (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $45), two rigid-back covers that feature quirky-but-fashionable designs; and the FolioGrip (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $50), a back cover, available in white carbon-fiber or white leather, that includes a convenient hand strap for easy carrying.

Finally, the SnapShield Pro p2 (iPad 2 and iPad 2; $40), a low-profile polycarbonate cover designed to work alongside Apple's Smart Cover available in black, blue, lime green, grey, white, pink, red, or white; and the Glosee p2 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $40), a flexible, rubberized back cover available in a variety of colors, round out the company's collection.

USBFever: The Eggshell (iPad 2 and 3; $29) is an ultra-thin hard case designed to work alongside Apple's Smart Cover. Just 0.9mm thick, the Eggshell protects the back of your tablet from scratches and dents without interfering with the magnetic attachment of the Smart Cover. The Eggshell comes in clear, frosted, or black.

The Softshell (iPad 2 and 3; $24) is a soft-shell back cover that is both flexible and resistant to shock and friction. Made of recyclable TPU, it is available in transparent pink, blue, or black.

Finally, the TuneFolio (iPad 2 and 3; $48) folds closed like a notebook, or opens to work as a stand at a variety of landscape-orientation viewing or typing angles thanks to a clever Velcro securing mechanism. It's made of synthetic leather and available in white, orange, brown, black, or camel.

All of USBFever's iPad 3 accessories include a complimentary thin-film screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a squeegee for applying the film.

Wrapsol: For those who love the iPad's looks but fear for its safety, Wrapsol makes a series of thin-film screen protectors) (iPad 2 and 3; $15 to $35) designed to safeguard the front and/or back of your tablet from scratches without detracting from its looks.

The films are available in clear, anti-glare, and privacy versions, and each can be paired with a special “non-slip grip” strip that helps you carry the iPad securely. All of Wrapsol's accessories can be installed using a dry-application method that actively disperses air bubbles, and they come with a lifetime replacement warranty.